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Music Video: Arm's Length – Watercolour (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Artist: Arm’s Length
Song: Watercolour
Album: ‘What’s Mine Is Yours’ (EP 2019)
Hometown: Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/armslengthontario
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/armslengthblues
Twitter: https://twitter.com/armslengthblues
Bandcamp: https://armslengthontario.bandcamp.com/album/whats-mine-is-yours
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1KXSj6uiC8Wtl2wCckVmAD



So crumple these paper buildings and taint watercolour skies
I guess the paint hasn’t dried yet
And nothing feels real it’s something I cannot describe,
It’s just something I have dealt with
All things come to pass, the sun is up again

In your face, I see now; a need for new lease on life
Yeah, you’re just happy to be here
If knowing’s a battle, my mind cannot choose a side
So drop the things that you hold dear
You’re swearing on your life, I’ve got it all to lose this time


This morning I told you I couldn’t be there on time
Said “You sound just like your father”
I’m blind past my fingers and I’m ignoring all the signs
As my memory falters
Is this all by your design
I am your son, I do not shine

You sat bedside, our smallest fingers intertwined
And you can leave it all behind
I am your son, I do not shine
My heart meets my throat as I try and bide my time
This is all by your design, I am your son I cannot shine


Produced by
Nick Ginn

Mastered by
Jay Maas
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