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Starring Mynth, Good Wilson, Yakata, Aramboa, Neon Neet, Christoh, Mantha, Elsa


Song written by Günther Paulitsch, Giovanna Fartacek, Valentin Eder, Vincenz Eder, Mario Fartacek, Fabian Wintersteller, Dorian Windegger, Moritz Scharf, Pipo Fuhs, Christoph Ertl
Produced and mixed by Vincenz Eder, Fabian Wintersteller, Günther Paulitsch, Mario Fartacek
Mastered by Tom Karasek
Video by Valentin Eder
Camera by Theresa Langner


Assim Playground is a window into Assim Records’ collective of both rising and established artists, songwriters and producers who love to share their passion for music. We strive to be a forward-thinking outlet for creativity and outstanding music, with no limitations and no restrictions to genres. It is an ongoing series of releases of various acts across Assim Records’ roster performing together in intimate, unusual settings, with whom they want and with the uttermost attention to not giving a f*** about anything but music.

Merry X-Mas from the Assim Family

(c) + (p) Assim Records 2019
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